About us

IEEE ISET Djerba Student Branch was officially launched in March 2016 in Higher Institute of Technological Studies-Djerba, it gathers 16 students and the counselor is Mr. Wajdi Bouajila. As IEEE ISET Djerba SB, we collaborate together as a team work, we work to integrate students in the professional life through different activities, we encourage students to be innovative in their domains and provide high-quality facilities and efficient services to support the institute community’s social, cultural and educational program.

Arduino Workshop

ISET Djerba SB started with an Arduino workshop for all the member of the student branch. This workshop was delivered by Mrs. Imen Ben Omrane to bring up the importance of Arduino in automation systems and robots. The members of the student learned Arduino commands and did some applications.

Solidworks workshop

To improve our skills in mechanical concept, we have organized a Solidwork workshop. The members of student branch learned how to manipulate the software interface and how to build mechanical parts.

IEEE Day 2016

IEEE ISET Djerba student branch IEEE ENIG student branch and decided to celebrate IEEE day together and that to empower the collaboration between students branches and enlarge our networks by collaborating with other branches around the country so the program is going to be : - ENIG SB going to travel to Djerba , welcomed by ISET Djerba SB around 9:00 - make two stands of the student branches to present IEEE to the students ( 30 to 45 minutes ) - plenary session presented by ENIG SB and ISET DJERBA SB chairs to deliver a presentation about IEEE , IEEE TUNISIA SECTION and IEEE services and we are going to talk about our experience in SYP Regensburg and going to have an open mic to respond to respond to some questions.

Participation in IEEEXtreme 2016

ISET Djerba SB participate in IEEEXtreme which is a global challenge in which teams of IEEE Student members—advised and proctored by an IEEE member, and often supported by an IEEE Student Branch—compete in a 24-hour time span against each other to solve a set of programming problems.